Contessa Comforter

Considered the best cotton tick comforter in the world, the Contessa fabric is 100% Egyptian cotton which is milled, sewn and finished in Germany with a super smooth cotton batiste finish. Engineered to be the lightest down proof fabric in the world (the lightest gram weight per square inch). Combining our Contessa tick with our Siberian HYPOALLERGENIC White Goose Down, creates the ideal combination for this worldly acclaimed comforter. Contained-flow baffle box construction.

Down: the insulating fluff found under the chest feathers of waterfowl. Soft, nearly weightless clusters radiate in all directions from a central point and interlock to trap air. It’s the air that keeps you warm.

Choice of four fills: Our premium down comforters can be filled with any of our four down fills.  To ensure that your down comforters are filled with the cleanest down in the world, we wash all of the down fills a minimum of 10 times. Our Polish and Siberian goose down has been washed a minimum of twelve times with an additional anti-microbial wash to prevent dust mites. All GDH down products are fresh-filled upon order to prevent down settling or any loss of fill power.

Types of down: generally, the colder the climate and the longer the goose is allowed to mature, the larger and warmer the down clusters.

White Goose Down: 550 fill power
Hungarian Goose Down: 650 fill power
Polish Goose Down: 750 fill power - HYPOALLERGENIC
Siberian Goose Down: 800 fill power - HYPOALLERGENIC

Down Care Instructions: All fine down products should be laundered regularly by a professional cleaner familiar with down products. GDH recommends laundering all down products in hot water to eliminate dust mites (110°).