Rosenthal Tac 02 Stemware

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The Tac 02 stemware was designed by Walter Gropius for Rosenthal. Gropius, the worldwide founder of the Bauhaus, brought the designs and maxims of classical modern styles to the table.

Items include: Water Goblet(9.25in, 15.oz), Red Wine(9.75in, 21oz), White Wine(9.25in, 12 oz), Champagne Flute(8.25in, 3oz), Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine(11in, 29oz), Bordeaux Wine(11.25in, 21oz), Reisling Wine(10.5in, 19 oz), Double Old-Fashioned(3.75in, 18 oz), Highball(6.25in, 18oz), Liqueur(8.25in, 3 Oz), Grappa(8in, 3 oz), Beer Glass(8.67in,19 oz)